Government & Institutions

Governments at local, national, and international levels are launching new initiatives for smarter, greener public sector IT infrastructure, while striving to lower costs. Innovative IT systems are meant to drive cost reductions while ensuring effective and efficient applications for public sector workers.

As governing bodies and the very nature of governance become increasingly complex, organizations need IT systems that can support and enable burgeoning policies and procedures. ETS's IT services help government organizations provide more services while expanding service scope and coverage.

Educational institutions at all levels are pressed to improve quality, expand access to broader population segments, and drive costs downward. Our IT Services for enterprise workforce training programs, help organizations harness IT to achieve their quality and coverage goals cost-effectively.

Business Planning and IT Strategy Consultancy streamlines operations, eases change management, and strengthens capacity building across diverse government sectors. Our consultants leverage local presence and intellectual capital to provide incisive insights, implement best-practice-based processes, and offer complete project management support.